Sports Therapy & Massage in Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9DP

Traditional natural healing has always included physical therapy. Medical systems around the world all use manual techniques designed to promote relaxation, pain relief, injury rehabilitation and fitness.

Sports Therapy

A specialised area of physical therapy that incorporates techniques from massage, osteopathy and physiotherapy. It involves the assessment of posture, movement and injuries, followed by the application of accepted principles of treatment.

Although sport related, this therapy is not exclusive to athletes and can benefit anyone suffering from pain or injury. Treatments can also be given to help maintain levels of fitness, and to optimise pre-event and post-event body condition.

Massage Therapy

This works on the soft tissue of the body in order to produce effects on the nervous, musculo-skeletal and respiratory systems, as well as improving the local and general circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid.

Treatment employs a wide range of techniques that may be classified as remedial, deep tissue, swedish, eastern or other. A professional massage therapist understands how to use these techniques in order to achieve effective results.